I am starting this blog to help me stay focused on my weight loss goals. I will use this to talk about my day to day life, my progress and my exercise. If anyone finds me feel free to make comments!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Its time to be a Quitter

I have made up my mind to lose the weight and QUIT SMOKING! I bought the Commit Lozenger's so after the 3 cigs I have left I am going to become a quitter!

I didn't get to do any exercise last night, the kids had so much homework we worked on it from 4:30 until 8:30 so I was mentally exhausted. I will get back to it tonight no matter what. I need to charge my IPOD so I will have some tunes to keep me going. My neighbor was supposed to walk with me but that hasn't happened yet... I kinda like the time to myself and I don't have to talk to anyone. Gives my head time to just be free... lol.

My menu yesterday was:
Special K Strawberry Bar- 2pts
Cambell's Soup at Hand Pizza Flavor- 2pts
Mini Bag O.R. 94% Fat Free Kettle Corn-1pt
Taco Ring-10 pts
Fat Free Light Ruffles- 3 pts

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Great Weekend!

Ahhhhh a long weekend and still no rest. The camping trip was great everyone enjoyed it. There was plenty to do and I think we did most of it. We Grilled, had camp fires, roasted marshmallows, rode bikes, walked, arts and crafts, hay rides, swam, water slides, slip and slide, dance at the Yogi Dome, played at the play ground, and we rented a Golf Cart and loved cruising around on it. Now I need a week to sleep...
The LSU Tigers kicked some major butt Saturday night with the final score of LSU 45/ ULL 3
I hoping to get off work early enough this Saturday so I can go to the game we are play Arizona.

I didn't do TOOOO bad this weekend eating... Granted I could have done better but today is a new day. I went back and looked at my WW site where I have my weights each week and now I'm disgusted with myself. I had lost 17.4 lbs and now I'm only at 9.9 so I gained 7.5 lbs back since June. I will get past this and continue to work to get it off. It will happen.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Geaux Tigers!

Well its that time of year again... The LSU Tigers will run out on the field this Saturday Night in Death Valley. My heart skips a beat even thinking about it. I will not be there :( I will be camping with the hubby and 3 kids and 2 of their friends. My Daughter's birthday is Thursday and she decided she wanted to go to Jelly Stone's Yogi Bear Park so we will be there Friday thru Monday. :) I think we are going to have a blast the kids are excited and ready to hit the road. I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend and enjoying time with all of them. Once Friday gets here I will have worked 20 straight days in a row!!!!!!!!!!! I'm telling you I have been a busy bee at work. They are giving us off this weekend (hear the cheer) for the Holiday. I'll have to work the following one and that should do it. No more OT PLEASE!!!

If you look down my page at my last 3 post there are plenty of pictures of myself and friends. We did our annual girls trip a few weeks ago. We had LOTS of FUN as you should be able to tell from the picts.. its our one time a year where we can spend 3 nights together. I think when were 70 we will still do it... I at least hope so. There are captions on them.. I did not put them my friend Katherine did for her myspace account.. so when you se "ME AND SO AND SO" the me is not me its Kat. I'm the one in the ONE piece on the beach. This is what has got me back to WW and I'm sticking to it. I WANT TO BE SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all my friends dearly but I just don't understand how they eat and eat and eat and stay so darn thin. GRRRRRRR

So I started back eating healthy and exercising. I walked last night after the kids went to bed for 1.2 miles. Today I walked pushing Parker in his little car with the cute! While Emma and Ethan rode there bikes. We went for 1.5 miles and I ran the last bit of the stretch again today. After they were off to bed I did my lunges and situps plus a few other leg things. I just got back from Wal-Mart and I walked the store for about an hour.. does that count for anything??????
I have to say Good Night I still have to watch Big Brother from earlier... I could NEVER live without my DVR. We've had it for almost 3 years and since added another and boy do they spoil ya.. just zip right threw those commercials. I think that's what helps me not get hungry when I'm watching.. don't have to look at all the FOOD out there. Anyway I gotta go.

Girls just wanta have fun!!!

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Flora Bama Beach Bums

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Girls Trip 2006!!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Yes.. yes.. yes its been almost 2 months since I've posted which means I had not been sticking to my diet. I decided Sunday night to start back up so I've been working at it since Monday. Monday night I watched my Tivo of Oprah and low and behold it was on weight loss. She mad a very good point in saying that if you say "I'm going to try" you will NOT succed. So my new phrase is "I WILL DO THIS" and I mean it. I'm going to work at this and get the fat off, I have to I want to be thin and feel comfy in cute clothes. I want to feel better about myself and look better. I know I can do and I WILL DO IT.
Much has been going on since last time I posted. The kids finished school BOTH with Honors. We have a babysitter coming to the house to keep all 3 this summer and they are really enjoying it. We went to Disney World June 1st and had a wonderful time. I ate WAY WAY to much on that dining plan they have. Every meal was a FULL meal w/ dessert. I never ever order dessert.. but when you feel you've already paid for it its like you have to eat it.
DD is finished with track! The last meet was this past weekend out of town so we made a camping trip out of it. DS1 made AllStars for baseball so we have been having double games. He finishes w/ the normal team on Friday but the other will go through July.
DD2 turned 1 on June 15th his party went well HOT but went good.
So the summer has been busy each day but its fun and I wouldn't trade it. I love watching the games.
Now for the bad news.. I got on the scale Wednesday and I'm up 4 lbs so now I have to work off what I've put back on which sucks!
So until tomorrow...


Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!

I can already hear the sounds in my head.. the Spanish music, the Margaretta glasses clinging and the sound of everyone cheering. The day will start of with everyone showing up after work with the plan of having "just a drink or two". After that second drink her hips will start shaking with the music. Friends will be saying "come on one more just have one more with us.. This is only ONE time a Year!" So she caves and has the THIRD Margaretta.. the fourth is soon to follow. By now they are all on the dance floor forgetting about the plans to go home early. They try to learn Spanish from anyone that appears to be Mexican. Now they start to order the drinks by saying "De Margaretta sir por favor" with several slurs in there! They continue to dance the night away and continue to say that Cinco de Mayo is the best night of the year! And they again make their pack to never miss one.. .
Once they can't feel their feet.. hair is all frizzy from the humid air, they can no longer speak correct English, and think they are now speaking Spanish someone yells out "Its closing time". They are horrified that it happened again, they were supposed to be home hours ago.. They think "I really only wanted one drink" But now its to late so they say F... It and keep on dancing until they are the last ones to walk out... begging to take there last drink with them. For the love of God they feel they need those last sips... so they get it down. The next day is another hang over day wasted!
Don't know if this sums up any of your nights.. But this is normally what happens on this end.

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

10% LOST

I woke up this morning in a great mood... I just feel good!!! Yesterday was a Great Day, I stayed OP all day I got those munchies behind me. While DH ran at track I strolled the baby and walked 2 miles with him and other DS. THEN once we were home me and DS and DH went for a swim and I swam laps!!! It wore me out but it sure feels good today.

I ate my veggies last night for dinner. I haven't eaten yet today I will be doing that shortly..

I did WI this morning and I'm down 2.4 lbs for a total of..... 17.4!!!! I've finally hit my 10% mark!!!!!!!!!!!!

My May goal is going to be -7 lbs
COUNT DOWN: 29 Days to Disney

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

On the right TRACK....

Well this makes 2 days in a row of posting.. LOOK OUT! I finished off yesterday staying OP.. My daughter had her first track practice yesterday from 5-6 this will be a Monday - Thursday thing from now until August... I made the best of it yesterday.... I took that time to walk the track. Woo Hoo for me!
Today I had the munchies all morning but I only ate 0 pt veggies for snacks and 2 pts worth of fruit. For breakfast I had my Cereal Bar - 2pts and lunch Turkey sandwich w/ 1 oz of turkey and 1 oz of the Lays Light Chips - 3pts!!
Not sure yet what is for Dinner tonight haven't had a chance to think that far....
Nothing exciting is happening at the house they are just finishing up last minute things.. the cleaners are coming in on Friday and Saturday to clean it from top to bottom! Those contractors sure make a mess. I have furniture scheduled for delivery next Tuesday!!! I'm ready to be there.